Eastern Distinction Sdn Bhd (EDSB) was born first as Ari Catering. The founder, Mrs. Siti Hawari has always been passionate about cooking and started her business by selling sweets and dishes from a small stall in USJ Subang. Her food was renowned for being scrumptious and of high quality. Her clientele began to traverse across the area soon after the taste of her homemade dishes travelled by word of mouth.

Within a short span of a few years, Ari Catering was founded and reception towards its services found to be more substantial. In 1993, Eastern Distinction was later conceptualised and took form as a parent company for Ari Catering. Bigger and better, the organization is now aimed to becoming Malaysia’s leading organization in food supply and catering services.

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The founder & her daughter started off with a small food stall by the road side